Amen, CDR

During the entire era of the Soviet Union, there was a longstanding sympathy (or outright collusion) with with Communism by the left throughout Europe and the United States.

With the collapse of communism at the end of the Cold War, there were a goodly number of people who suddenly saw their preferred ideology revealed as the fraud it was. What happened to those people? CDR Salamander knows the answer.

4 thoughts on “Amen, CDR”

  1. Watched that vile video yesterday. Scary, huh? They unsuccesfully tried to put it down the memory hole almost immediately. Cat’s out of the bag now. Ever see “The Great Global Warming Swindle”?

  2. The Left always looks to establish a State of Fear. Such was the case with that vile “No Pressure” video. What they did not expect was the revulsion from their own followers. They expected ours, and were prepared to deflect it as a joke, or by saying we are too stupid to understand the nuance of the video.

    Thanks to the interwebnets, we won’t let them forget, ever.

  3. The red to greem transition began long before the fall of communism. I saw it in the Sierra Club in the late 70s. The older membership, such as Richard Lamm, got marginalized by the 90s and it got so bad that the Sierra Club, which stood squarely against illegal immigration now sees that position as racist.

    I saw it coming in the late 70s and got out. It was ceasing to be an environmental organization and becoming a Dimocrat party adjunct.

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