Well, crap.

Just as I start to get back to posting regularly, I’m losing my internet connection. Posting will be sporadic at best.

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I’ll check in when I can.

4 thoughts on “EMCON”

  1. Oh, that sucks … Still, there’s a Starbucks at Washington & Hovely, and they’ve got free WiFi …

    We’ll keep the lights on for you. Come back when you can.

    1. LT Rusty, yeah, that’s the closest one. I’ll try to get there pretty often. The problem is, it takes a while for me to find something interesting to write about.

      And it’s a little creepy you know which Starbucks I go to.

  2. hahah

    I figured out that you live in Bermuda Dunes a while back. My in-laws live up Highway 74 in the Pinon area, and my wife and I lived in Coachella for a couple years. Washington & Hovely was my regular Starbucks for a while too, when my office was right off the Washington exit from the 10.

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