Did you ever kill anyone?

That was the question put to the wonderful wordsmith, Neptunus Lex.  Indeed, it was a question put to him under, shall we say, inappropriate circumstances, from an almost complete stranger.

His answer:

I took a moment to reply, before responding, “This is not a question we ask even of each other.” Nor was this a conversation I wanted to be in.

I’ll just say this. My father and I never discussed his wartime experiences until after I came home from mine. We went to lunch one day, and over clam chowder, discussed our wars. And never spoke of them again.

His interrogator then when on to state that she was a pacifist- against violence and whatnot.

I’ll tell you my take on pacifism. People that tell you they are pacifists will say there is nothing worth fighting for. Wrong. They just haven’t found something worth fighting for. I’m willing to bet I could find something they’d be willing to resort to violence to protect. Their home, their spouse, their children. Something. And if that’s the case, their purported pacifistic stance is a fraud.

4 thoughts on “Did you ever kill anyone?”

  1. In my opinion, that was extremely unprofessional of the masseuse. Sadly, I don’t expect otherwise from a so-called pacifist who has never fought for anything, and from someone who is set in his or her views.

    If anyone ever asks me that question, I will say “Yes….

    ….with kindness.”

  2. As for pacifism, I would have to agree with you – someone who claims that has just not thought it through or had the important things in their lives threatened from outside. I think that someone who could actually act that way must be void of deep emotions.

    And that was really unprofessional of that masseuse….

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