Couple more videos

‘Cuz I’m in the mood for ‘splodey, and not writing.

Dragon Anti-tank Missile. I humped a Dragon for a long, long time. If I’d known they were going to make me carry the heavy thing, I would have flunked markmanship training with it.


The Javelin (the replacement for the Dragon). I like this video because it pretty plainly shows just how long ranged the Javelin is.


2 thoughts on “Couple more videos”

  1. Amazing missile the Javelin. Lockmart told us that it has a 90% success rate for first time gunners. and 4X more lethal than the Dragon. Just didn’t know it would go *that* far.

    1. Yeah, it is pretty amazing. Best part? As soon as you squeeze the trigger, you’re done. A Dragon had to be tracked all the way in, and was actually pretty damn hard to fire accurately. The Javelin is fire-and-forget.

      Also, while there was a night sight for the Dragon, it never worked, so it was essentially a daytime only weapon. The CLU for Javelin has a very nice thermal sight.

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