I’m no fan of PBS. Having said that, on occasion there really is a pony at the bottom of the pile. Here’s an excellent bit of reporting from them showing an ambush on  a platoon of infantry from the 101st Airborne Division.


A couple of thoughts:

In my day, light infantry like the 101st (or my beloved 25th ID) were dismounted. We moved on foot. The vast size of Afghanistan and the vulnerability of dismounted infantry has caused them to be mounted, in this case, on MRAPs.

The trooper shot in the helmet is pretty damn lucky. Or unlucky. An inch either way, the story has a different ending.

Not sure what took out the lead vehicle. MRAPs will turn small arms fire, but can’t stop an RPG. And while they are “Mine Resistant” they aren’t “Mine Proof.” It may well have been an IED, but I’m leaning toward RPG.

Look how tired the troops are. It is amazing how, even if you aren’t doing much physically, how exhausting combat is. The combination of fear, stress and adrenaline will drain your energy almost instantly. War is a young man’s job.

Found at the ever interesting Theo Spark.

2 thoughts on “Ambush.”

  1. MRAPs are – as their name states – mine resistant and not “mine proof.” What this means is that they are designed to keep the crew safe or, at least, more safe than they would be if they were another type of vehicle. The important point is that the crew walks away, even if the truck is wrecked.

    1. Well, they’re more likely to walk away.

      You can’t mine proof a vehicle. If you add armor, the enemy just makes a bigger mine or IED. That imposes costs/problems on the enemy, of course, but not as much as it does on us.

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