I’ve been reconciled to women in the Army for a while now. Just as long as they aren’t in the infantry, I’m OK with that.

And let’s face it- it ain’t easy being a woman in the service. Just one of many indignities that they have to tolerate is that the ACU uniform looks like crap on most of them. Why?

Because it was designed to fit men.

And I’m not sure if they teach this in high school health class anymore, but men and women are different. No, really!

So, after about 30 years of wearing designed-for-men BDUs and ACUs, the Army is going to get around to sizing ACUs to fit women.

Many female soldiers have complained that their uniform was designed for men. In order to get the uniform jacket to fit across the chest, for instance, they have to buy larger sizes — making the shoulders far too big.

The military plans to introduce uniforms cut for female soldiers. Women make up more than 15 percent of the U.S. Army.”We need to ensure our women are wearing something they are comfortable in, and it doesn’t make them look like their uniform doesn’t fit,” Brig. Gen. Peter Fuller told Army Times.

There is a tension between having a serviceable, cheap, functional uniform, and having a uniform that presents a professional, military appearance. Here’s hoping they can strike that balance.

3 thoughts on “Finally.”

  1. I’ve made a lot of money altering those uniforms for the ladies of the Air National Guard. We used to call it “adding curves to canvas”.

    You like curves, right?

  2. They shouldn’t be in any combat arm, or deployed to war zones, with the sole exception being medical personnel, and those minimized to the greatest extent possible.

    Still, WACS could wear them and still make them look nice. Although the joke, as told in the Navy, goes, “99% of the women in the Navy are beautiful. The other 1% they sent here.”

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