Ejericito de Colombia celebrates 200 years

Columbia is a nation at war. They’ve fought a brutal civil war against FARC and other rebel groups for 30 years. And while we gringos may have a tendency to look down on our little brown brothers, that’s a serious mistake. Operating on a shoestring budget and with a pool of recruits that lack the level of education of ours, they’ve managed to field a very professional army.

And much like our Army, they use television ads for recruiting purposes:


Cheerfully stolen from John Boq at The Castle. Go ahead and click the link. You need to see the other video.

Uniformly Insane

We’ve talked a couple times about the foolishness that the Army gets into when it gets around to revising its uniforms.

As bad as the Army is, they can’t compare to the Navy.

“The NWU Type II/III approval is a culmination of a four-year effort comprising all of the expeditionary stakeholders, ensuring we capture the trueoperational requirements our Sailors’ need to succeed on the battlefield,” said Master Chief Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician Robert McCue, NWU Type II/III Conformance Test Monitor. “They provide unmatched capabilities to thewarfighter enabling tactical advantage and enhancing mission success thus saving lives.”

The Navy takes on the relatively simple task of finding a working uniform for its enlisted sailors and manages to turn what should be a half hour job for a PO2 into a 4 year fiasco at the highest staff levels. And socks the sailor right in the pocketbook.  And they look like crap.

Go to CDR Salamander for the full rundown.

Phone home…

I finally broke down last year and bought a cell phone. Not that there’s anyone I really want to talk to. I just need it in case my car breaks down.

But lots of folks these days have smart phones of various kinds. And they’ve found them to be extremely useful. The ability to add virtually any kind of app imaginable has been a boon almost on a plane with the original revolution in personal computing.

And not surprisingly, a lot of smart GIs are coming up with ways to use their smart phones to help them do their jobs. And industry is starting to pay attention:

“Cell phones are tired of waiting for the troops to come home and are going to war themselves. Tech startup Berico Tailored Systems, Lockheed Martin and apparently an army of Slashdot users are currently making tactical 3G cellular networks and smartphone applications for the military to use overseas.

The most sophisticated communication system I worked with in the Army was the PRC-77/VRC-64 radio with the KY-57 encryption system. It was on a technological par with a pair of tin cans and some string.

The ability to communicate with both voice and data would be a big help all by itself. Add in the multitude of computational tasks a smart phone with the appropriate apps could do, and you are talking about a real weapon.

Cell phones. They aren’t just for setting off IEDs anymore.

Zandi Claims Stimulus Didn’t Do Squat (via Innocent Bystanders)

Geoff is the guy that makes “the chart” and is a newly christened co-blogger at Ace’s.

I don't think it's what he meant to claim, but that's the way it works out. You see, Alan Blinder (Princeton Univ.) and Mark Zandi (Moody's Economy), recently released a report titled "How US Policy Ended the Great Recession." While a few articles have criticized the report, by and large the media reporting has looked like Ezra Klein's "Zandi: Financial rescue and stimulus responsible for saving or creating 8.5 million jobs" article. Lots of chee … Read More

via Innocent Bystanders


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We aren’t huge fans of country music. We actually used to listen to it quite a bit though, especially when we lived in Germany. Why? Because our girlfriend was a huge country music fan. If she wants to two-step, I want to two-step.

And let’s face it, country music has some awfully pretty ladies. One of the first country stars to really trade on her wholesome good looks and cross over to popular music was Faith Hill.