4 thoughts on “Scenes from the Oregon Coast and the Tillamook Air Museum”

  1. Is the old NAS airfield the Tillamook airport now?

    Seems Naval Aviation and the AF have pretty much abandoned OR. Klamath Falls AFB was the last I know of and that went with the death of the old ADC.

  2. It is the local airport. I don’t think it serves anything bigger than a couple of King Air’s (though I think some firebombers stage out of it from time to time).

    The Oregon ANG still operates an F-15 fighter wing (with one flying squadron), though I think they are out of Portland.

  3. Portland AFB closed while my father was still at Adair near Corvallis. It was ,iirc, at the current Portland airport and that’s probably where the fighter sqdn is located. The only other airfield that I know of in Oregon that would be suitable for fighter ops is Klamath Falls.

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