Deception Pass yesterday morning

I’m up in Oak Harbor for my 25th high school reunion. As I drove onto Whidbey Island, I snapped this pic of the fog rolling through the pass. That’s pretty much the only patch of fog in the whole state.

11 thoughts on “Deception Pass yesterday morning”

  1. I have seen that so many times from 79-85 and 89-93. That represents one tour in VA-145, two in VA-128 and the finish in VAQ-140. Used to live out by Crockett Lake on Wanamaker Road.

  2. Nice pic, Art. Remember shooting the whirlpools under there on the Scout boat? Like bumper pool…

    1. Do I know you? I mean, if I knew you, you’d have been at the reunion, right?

      Actually, as I went over the bridge yesterday, there was a tug with a log raft on the west side of the pass that looked like it was getting ready to pass through. I’ve never seen any tug try that.

    1. They just had the 75th Anniversary of the Deception Pass Bridge, and one part of it was a photo contest. The winning entry was an almost identical picture.

  3. They go through with logs fairly often. Slack water and a tail boat. I don’t know if they are still in business, but there was a little outfit in Cornet Bay that assisted log tows through for years.

  4. I was in the field for that one. And seriously, who care’s about the 10th? Why bother going if I wasn’t gonna be there?

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