Book Reviews?

Sorry for the absence. Limited internet access and all that. And worse, I just haven’t found a lot of stuff I want to comment on.

I do have an idea for a couple of book reviews though. I read “Kaboom” recently, and owe it a review, especially since my copy came courtesy of the publisher.

I’m also rereading the Honor Harrington novels by David Weber. Any CS Forrester fans would feel pretty much at home with these.

And finally, my sister is so upset by my lack of posting, she wants to write some book reviews, most of which would be outside the primary focus of this blog, but interesting nonetheless. I told her to hurry up, so I can at least post something…

3 thoughts on “Book Reviews?”

  1. I liked the first few HH books, but it seemed like every book just increased her humiliation and suffering from the previous book. I couldn’t take it after #4 or 5.

    1. the flip side was that she had ever greater levels of “superpowers” and honors and titles bestowed upon her as well. It got somewhat annoying. But the story as a whole continued to please me.

  2. The series is pretty good, but I am disturbed when I see a woman intentionally placed in combat and mutilated. Weber could have placed a man in that position without compromising the narrative. PC must be served, I guess.

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