Theo Spark: Video: Lap Around the Boat

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Oh, and you NATOPS guys? Where are his gloves?

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  1. I made three cruises (9, 11 & 13 mosO) on the JFK in the early to mid 70s. I worked on the flight deck as a plane captain for VA-46. We flew A7s, a single seater, single engine attack jet. I only worked on the flight deck one cruse. A yellow shirt turned an F4 on me during night flight opps in the North Atlantic. I was hurrled across the deck like a feather. That’s when I decided I wanted to be a Yeoman! lol

    How old is this video? It used to be that only Marines and Navy pilots every joined the Tail Hook Club.

    This guy didn’t do too bad either. He grabbed the number two wire!

  2. The video is fairly new, based on it being a T-45C and the nifty helmet mounted camera.

    And I’m fairly certain it was a Naval Aviator (tho the lack of gloves makes me think not an SNA).

    Yes, this is an Army blog, but as the son of a Naval Aviator, we are always on the lookout for good tailhook stuff.

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