Access Denied

Well, I jumped the gun a bit thinking my internet access issues were solved. Still have only limited and intermittent access. Now, some of you will note that you’ve seen me comment elsewhere, so I ought to be able to write.

No. See, I don’t have the time to visit all my usual haunts, and then cogitate on the stories of the day. And if I can’t add something useful, I don’t want to add anything. Except Load HEAT. I’ll at least try to keep that coming…


I’ve got internet access again, so I might be able to start posting some stuff again soon.

Well, I’m sick as a dog, so that’s gonna cut into my posting, but maybe we’ll at least get Load HEAT up this week.

Theo Spark: Video: Lap Around the Boat

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Oh, and you NATOPS guys? Where are his gloves?

The Button

When the Army transitioned from the Battle Dress Uniform to the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) one of the changes that surprised me was doing away with buttons in favor of velcro tapes to close the pockets. Velcro is handy, but it doesn’t last very well, particularly after repeated washings.

Not surprisingly, ┬áthe velcro tapes were popular in garrison, where they present a tidy appearance. But they weren’t very popular with grunts in the field, since the cargo pockets of soldiers in the field are almost always jam-packed with various and sundry items. And velcro just won’t hold them closed.

The Army is ripping space-age Velcro from its uniforms and replacing it with the humble button, which turns out to be tailor-made for the rigors of Afghanistan.

The Army isn’t quite as bad as the Navy or the Air Force when it comes to designing uniforms, but the decision to use velcro was stupid, and an entirely self inflicted wound. I can’t tell you how many man-years and millions of dollars were spent developing the ACU, but I can tell you this- a five minute conversation with an infantryman would have told the Army that velcro just doesn’t work for cargo pockets.

H/T: Hotspur at the H2.