6 thoughts on “Compare and Contrast”

  1. Your full of shit. I suppose your against amnesty for the few immigrants who came here legally and have been contributing to society as well?

    1. I have no problem at all with legal immigrants. I’ve known quite a few and can fully understand their desire to come here.

      But what part of “illegal” in illegal immigrant don’t you get?

    2. 1 – Legal immigrants have no need of amnesty.
      2 – Illegal immigrants are criminals.
      3 – Want to hear strong opinions against illegal immigration? Ask an immigrant who played by all the rules.
      4 – WTF does this have to with comparing/contrasting Republican & Democrat women? Weak the reading comprehension is with this one.

  2. Heh….

    I always love anonymous postings. If they had the courage of their convictions, they’d have a name or website to back it up. Oh well.

    Nice poster. Spot on, too.

    The left is full of bitter old hags, with nothing better to do than spew their venom at their betters, and wallow in the victomhood they’ve created for themselves in lieu of actually doing something for their nation.

  3. No balls with the unknown one, eh?
    My response is this. My Great Grandpa Wambeke came to the US from Flanders(Belgium). He entered the country at New Orleans and then WALKED to NYC to do the paperwork at Ellis Island. He was a shoe maker by trade.
    So, I have no problem with those who come here to seek a better life, using the system. If you sneak in and get caught, oh well. Sympathy? Not one iota.
    And the poster would need no caption or title. It is, self explanatory on it’s own.

  4. Brad, this post is a truly cruel act on your part. I just woke up, and when I saw that poster I thought I was having a dream. The I scrolled down and knew I was having a nightmare.

    If you say “bite me Wiener Dog” again, you’ll have to specify the location. Just remember it will have to at the level of the knees or lower 🙂

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