Here’s a bit of free advice…

If you run a property management company, check your CCRs to make sure there isn’t a stupid rule against flying the American flag. Sure, you may have a legal leg to stand on, but you’ll only end up pissing off the entire community.

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There are roughly 24 million veterans in America today. And there’s another hundred million or so folks that think flying the American flag is generally a good thing. Why borrow trouble?

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  1. Yup…. I read this earlier and was amazed at the brash stupidity displayed by the management company.

    I mean, seriously this was as bad as the homeowners association who demanded a WWII vet take down his flagpole from his own damned lawn.

  2. I own land and buildings.
    Free and clear no liens, or mortage.
    I pay taxes on this property.
    No one else does, not a homeowners association.
    I WILL do what I wish on my land within the laws of my county BUT I will fly my countries flag, my Branch of service flag, state flag or a GD pirates flag.
    If someone wants to take it down they can try.
    I would advise anyone who wishes to rethink their course of action.
    Being offended by my flag, flags is a lot better than having an ass whuppin’ after stepping on my land and touching my flag with the intent to bend, fold burn or mutilate or take down.
    “not wishin’ no harm upon anybody, just stating fact.”

  3. @AW1 Tim, I hate to tell you this, but stupidity is in the pandemic stage and has been for many years. I believe there is a vaccine for it in development. The problem is not the vaccine, but the method of injection. The details are a little foggy. It has something to do with a telephone pole, butt to butt. Something about liberally coating the telephone pole and inject centrally. Supposedly, it’s guaranteed to open their eyes. If only this problem was this easy solve. We wouldn’t have a problem.

    1. Holy crap!

      I think the good Captain needs to have a very serious talk with the Mrs. about the division of responsibility while he’s deployed.

  4. The house was paid free and clear. This woman has enough to deal with at moment. This HOA has way too much money and time on its hands. Sisu, just maybe the US District Court might have a solution to this oversight It would be called the RICO Act. I’m not an attorney, but I wouldn’t want to be their (HOA) attorney, I could never get paid. This becomes the “the Fruit of a Poisonous Tree” The Government seizes everything your money touches. It gets real messy, just think about it. It is a ceiling fan, you don’t want to be there. The chit shall surely hit it and fly everywhere.

  5. The problem is, people do not pay attention to these communities. The CC&Rs are extraordinarily powerful. Many states uphold the CC&Rs as contracts between private groups and let them go on their dictatorial way.

    That being said, there is a law that deals with flying a flag on your own property. Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005 (Pub.L. 109-243, 120 Stat. 572, enacted July 24, 2006). It basically prohibits property management companies and CC&Rs from restricting the flying of the US flag.

    1. While I’m generally in favor of allowing CC&Rs, as they ARE private contracts, I’m glad to see the statute you provided.

  6. I live in a rural county and there ain’t no HOA to mess with out here, I got dogs and horses, I could have complaints about them but then again I have a fence and it is called HOG wire for a reason.
    I wouldn’t live in a floggin’ subdivision.

    1. HEP, there’s a huge swath of SoCal where you have no other option but to live in a community with an HOA, and often times two HOAs.

  7. @xbradtc, You write, “…these are private contracts.” Are they that private? If it weren’t for that FLAG, they couldn’t have it. In fact, take that private contract and wipe your [REDACTED] with it!

  8. BradTC That truely sucks.
    I live on the other coast, in the south by the grace of the great horse goddess!
    The son has an HOA in his new subdivision and Bubba when the buzzards (the bird type) swooped down and ate the rubber linings off his sun roof on his F-150 while he was in astan his wife had to go through theHOA (who thought having bizzards was quaint) , the Feds and state government just to have someone come by and hang a Faux dead buzzard made from rubber from a tree to run them off. “It worked!”
    People from the nieghborhood HOA actually came by and screamed “leave the buzzards alone they were here first” and State said, kill or harm a buzzard and you WILL pay $15,000.00 per bird.
    The area is a buzzard mating and breeding area has been for years so where was the buzzard rights folks when the subdivision was built?
    Who TF knows!
    $2500.00 damage to his truck and almost $800.00 to have the birds run off.
    Buzzards are protected specis in our state, not endangered but still protected.
    I wouldn’t live under an HOA.

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