An awful day in Afghanistan

Terrible news out of Afghanistan this morning. A suicide car bomb attack in Kabul has left 18 dead, including 5 American troops.

Afghan officials said that 12 civilians had been killed and about four-dozen others injured in the blast. NATO said that six service members, including five Americans, had been killed by the blast.

The attack hit an area south of the city center that includes an Afghan army training center, the Afghan parliament, and the eerie shell of King Amanullah Khan’s palace that has become a longstanding symbol of the country’s decades of debilitating war.

The area is also home to the U.S. military’s counter-insurgency academy, a school designed to further the military doctrine that focuses on protecting civilians instead of killing insurgents.

Investigators said the bomb probably weighed more than 1,200 pounds and left a roadside crater about nine feet wide and three feet deep.

2 thoughts on “An awful day in Afghanistan”

  1. Horrible, just horrible. I really question whether the day will ever come when that country will be civilized. But, then again, the way this country looks some days, I’m not sure we won’t meet in the middle somewhere.

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