I kinda like the Russian approach to dealing with pirates

If you ask me, it sure beats catch and release

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4 thoughts on “I kinda like the Russian approach to dealing with pirates”

  1. Don’t agree with catch and release. But summary execution… not sure that’s needed either. Its not like there isn’t a way to handle them and maintain our ideals.

  2. If I’m not mistaken, this is the bunch they set loose on an inflatable. Who then disappeared.

    I actually have no problem with a drumhead court for piracy. There was a time when it was quite the norm.

  3. It was used. But there were also a lot of cases where the pirates would be taken to a regular court (or an admiralty court if they were caught by the Royal Navy). Usually, they resulted in convictions.

    Although, as interesting point, the last trial for piracy (prior to the Maersk trial, according to the USNI blog) was over the Savannah. The Savannah was captured by Union forces during the Civil War and its crew were tried as pirates. It ended in a hung jury over the issue of whether they were pirates or privateers. Unlikely that will be the case with many modern pirates, or at least the ones operating off the Horn of Africa.

  4. The Russian’s said, “If we had shot the pirates then we would have made up a glorious story of combat and the pirates would have died in battle killed by Heroes of Russian Navy.”
    Instead the pirates were placed in a raft and in the hands of their god, allah.
    If these pirates died then it was allah that did the deed.
    allah, the ocean or the Russian’s who cares as long as these do not attack another ship, ever again.

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