Posted for no other reason but that I’ve always like the OV-10.


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  1. All of this is because the AF fears the Army. USAF ground TACPs (TacAirControlPartys) co-located/based with the Army are ok and even FACS co-located with the Army and using Army runways are OK as long as they are unarmed. If armed, the Army would (I’m sure of it) argue that as long as the assets are sitting at their place op “co-ordination” would be oh so nuch smoother if everyone wore the same uniform. Thus in RVN USAF OV-10s were unarmed while USMC Broncos were in many cases. The AF bases their argument on stated belief that fast-movers carry greater wpns load and that for the FAC to attempt to be one-man CAS detracts from his primary observation/coordination w. gnd forces and intell gathering. “FAC hand-held 35mm photography was single greatest source of intel in SVN” according to CG7thAF Gen. George S. Brown in 1970. So there is some valid basis in fact behind the AF philosophy in this matter. But this philosophy has the added advantage of dovetailing with AF MAIN desire to keep Army mitts off CAS msn. 🙂

  2. PS: A view into the AF mind may be ascertained by looking at where we based our A-10s in USAFE. Rather than on the Continent where the short range A-10s would have greater loiter time, the USAF based them–ALL of the–at my old UK twin-base complex RAFBentwaters/Woodbridge across the channel safely away from the Army’s prying eyes and grasping hands–even tho their ENTIRE raison d’etre was to provide CAS for the Army. USAFE was afraid if they based them in Germany the Army would say: “Hey, we got all these neato 12,000ft runways built for troop deployment for the MAC heavy birds and plenty of empty ramp space–so why not base them at our place for better ‘co-ordination’ “? LOL!! But the irrational logistics of basing them in the UK so embarrassed the AF they tried to mollify the Army (which was HOWLING about the long response time and lack of loiter time the UK basing entailed) that USAFE went half-way and reflexed a few birds on alert at the Dutch base in Schusterberg to quiet the Army–which REALLY messed up the logistics of maintaining them, and rotating personnel/equip from the UK. A cluster-f**k all round–all because the AF wanted to keep the Hogs away from Army control in any shape, form or fashion..

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