Raiding the fridge…

Sticking with the refrigerator analogy, here’s something that I think gets us a lot closer to reality than anything Pelosi is likely to say. You’re lured to buy a refrigerator, only to find out that once you add up all the hidden costs the price is probably 30 times what was advertised, and the thing ends up taking over your entire house and bankrupting you and your whole neighborhood. You call somebody to come fix it, and the IRS shows up.

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6 thoughts on “Raiding the fridge…”

  1. Ever see the movie “Brazil”?
    I see it all coming together into one big Central Services. HVAC/IP/Medical/Taxes/Information etc. It is an emergency, right?

  2. I still think that the best analogy to this is the DMV. Anyone who has ever suffered through the frustrations of dealing with any Department of Motor Vehicles will understand completely.

  3. Tim, I really hate to say it, but dealing with the California DMV has been a breeze. Best government office I’ve EVER seen.

  4. Sigh…. you ought to come up here to Maine. I have yet to visit the DMV office without losing at least an hour of my life.

    They don’t even make the licenses or ID’s here anymore. they take a digital pic and send it with your data to some company in Michigan who then makes it and mails it to you some 3-4 weeks later.

    Also, they refuse to accept cash. You have to use plastic or a money order to pay them for any service.

    Glad to hear your experience is better, though.

  5. Tim, I LIKE that they don’t make you wait for it. And I use plastic for EVERYTHING anyway.

    I don’t mind it taking an hour, as long as the line is moving.

    Beats the heck out of the WA DMV

  6. Brad, I agree with you…out of the 3 state DMVs that I’ve dealt with, WA is the suckiest. Which is why I now renew online when I can. (They send you a sticker, so you only have to go in every two renewals or so.)

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