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  1. I read that earlier. Just a tragedy all around. Survived all of her tour and this happens.

    had a friend who was an Air Force SAR crewman. Did three tours in Vietnam. Shot down twice, but not a scratch his whole time there.

    Came home on leave. Was home a week when he was hit by a drunk driver and lost his left leg.

    But I’ll add both the Captain and her husband to the prayer list. Sometimes, you just feel so helpless and overwhelmed.

  2. Slightly off point, but I know that during the Vietnam era the high rate of hwy deaths among returning servicemen was a matter of command concern–was attributed to having only limited driving during basic and advanced tng, followed by a full year in many cases of not touching a vehicle in Vietnam, and then immediately being subjected to hi-density, hi-speed urban traffic upon return.

    BTW, without meaning to sound crass, what the H was she doing with a tire in her lap??? of all places in the first place? And what sort of hi-pressure tire WAS it, I would ask?

  3. I would like to know why she had it on her lap, as well, and why, since it had a bulge on the side, a known weak spot, that they didn’t let the air out. I guess the most likely reason is that they were human, and humans tend to get absent minded. I think we can all remember doing things, that looking back, we can’t believe how stupid that was. This time, they didn’t get away with it.

    While reading a book on the development of the heavy rescue truck, I discovered that we here in WI, have the best EMS system in the world, and that our superiority is directly related to our having some of the best farmers in the world. When you are very, very good at something, you start taking risks, because you become complacent, after all, you got away with it the last 75 times. Or EMS exsists because there comes the 76th time. My friend Ardis once tried to clear a jam on a manure spreader without turning the tractor off, nor declutching the PTO. When the jam cleared, the beater bars snatched the pitchfork from her hands, and flung it 75 feet, It could just as easily have been her. Mt Grandfather once had an arm broken, because he got to close to a PTO while wearing a loose sweater. Complacency injures, maims, and I fear, in the case of the Captain, kills.

  4. If you click through from milblogging, to the Scotsman article, they discuss the reason why she had the tire on her lap. Basically, they had changed to the spare because of bulge on the sidewall, and couldn’t fit the full size tire in the trunk because of suitcases.

    Frankly, in spite of all the times I’ve had tire safety training and warnings I’ve seen, I wouldn’t have thought that it would have been that dangerous.

    As Scott notes, we get away with stuff all the time.

  5. God… She had the bubble against her belly. If she would’ve only pointed it towards the dashboard.
    Saw a good mechanic get killed ten years back by the same damn thing. Pointless…

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