Saturday Odds and Ends

Two articles from National Review, one by Krauthammer, one by Steyn, both wondering why the current administration seems bound and determined to insult, slight, and bully longstanding allies.

Jeff G at Protein Wisdom links Breitbart and discusses the deliberate Democratic strategy to portray Tea Party activists, and indeed any opposition to Obamacare, as racist. This Democratic strategy is shameful, but hardly unexpected.

On a related note, some Democrat voters, only now realizing the bait-and-switch nature of Obama, are turning to the Tea Party to express their dissatisfaction. Kinda blows that narrative above, doesn’t it?

War News Updates (a daily “must visit”) has an article on the logistics of redeploying from Iraq to Afghanistan, or home. ‘Tis no minor challenge. I’ll try to put up something more substantial on the topic shortly.

Lex notes the harsh realities of the dangers of naval aviation. Rest in Peace, Sailor.