Next Load HEAT

I’m running out of ideas here.

Who should be up for Load HEAT next week?

A: Chloe Sevingy

B. Sarah Jessica Parker

C. Frances McDormand

[polldaddy poll=2994057]

14 thoughts on “Next Load HEAT”

  1. Wow I can be dense! That is the first one I’ve fallen for all day though. Shoulda read the rest of the post rather than just look at the 3 pics and wondered what the deal was. Good one.

  2. Believe it or not Brad, I got a friend who thinks Chloe is super hot. Personally, I think he’s nuts, but hell… it’s his taste, I don’t need to share it.

  3. I have a couple of SoM’s youtubes on my favorites list.

    But you did notice the poll?

    Trust me. None of the women are in the running. I just wanted to joke about how ugly Chloe is.

  4. I have never understood the appeal of Ms. Parker. I have never even heard of the other two.

  5. Not much to choose from.
    Of these three Francis is the best pick. She ain’t no Jessica Alba though.

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