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I don’t know the guy that posted this vid, but the guy that took the film, Dick Schram, was an acquaintance of my parents.


Virgil, check out the ordinance. I’ve never seen ANY other film or video of an A-6 carrying WWII boxtail bombs.

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  1. Being an old “World Famous Sunday Puncher” Weapons load team augmentee. I would have to say that the bombs look more like MK 52 mines. Great footage, brought back lot of memories. Thanks!

  2. I gotta disagree. I’m pretty sure it is a Mk34 2000lb bomb. 1966 was the time of the bomb shortage that the DoD denied.

    Plus, the first aerial mining didn’t take place until 1967, on the Red River. Who drops mines on a bridge?

    Lastly, compare and contrast:

    And Craig, if you look REAL close, you’ll notice the tail of a Skyraider in the clip, probably an EA-1F.

  3. Ya can drop mines on bridges, Ya drop a delayed action bomb/bombs with a salvo of others designed to daisy cut or penetrate via radar fuse. Then when the l’il Gomer’s of PAVN road and bridge repairs gets to work an hour or two later….Boom! I bet the next PAVN road and bridge squad will no doubt be chompin’ at the bit to get out there and fix those cratered holes,ya think? The box fins went out slowly as the supplies were used up left over from the Korean war and the cold war build up.
    Which ship was that? Constellation or Ranger?

    1. Not if this was Nov. 1966 Independence was in the Atl and Med during this video.
      Independence returned to her homeport, Norfolk, Va. arriving 13 December 1965. During the first half of 1966, she operated off Norfolk, replenishing and training air groups. On 4 May 1966, she participated in Operation Strikex. The carrier departed Norfolk 13 June for European operations with the Sixth Fleet. Independence was involved with unit and NATO exercises from July into December. She then continued her Sixth Fleet deployment returning to CONUS in early 1967. After a few months of local operations, she underwent an extensive overhaul at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth VA. [2]

      On 30 April 1968 the Independence steamed to the Mediterranean Sea for a 9 month deployment. She returned to Pier 12 NOB Norfolk, VA on 27 January 1969. On 3 September 1969 the Independence departed Norfolk to participate in NATO exercises in the North Atlantic, (NORLANT), returning home on 9 October 1969. The Independence was again deployed to the Mediterranean on 23 June 1970, returning to Pier 12 on 31 January 1971. It was during this cruise the Indy was awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation in support of actions against the PLO during the Jordanian crisis.

      I think it was USS Constellation CV-64
      A first shipyard period for Constellation followed, lasting eight months; then workups commenced for her first full-blown war cruise. The carrier, with CVW-15 on board, was underway for operations off Vietnam in May 1966. During 111 days on station, aircraft from Constellation pounded roads, bridges and other targets, attempting to impede the flow of men and war materials south. The F-4B aircrew of pilot Lieutenant William M. McGunigan and radar intercept officer Lieutenant (jg) Robert M. Fowler from Fighter Squadron (VF) 161 shot down a MiG-17 fighter jet on 13 July, marking the ship’s first MiG kill of the war. Connie returned to San Diego in December after her seven-month combat cruise, having lost 16 aircrewmen and 15 aircraft. Subsequently, both Constellation and CVW-15 were awarded a NUC for this deployment.

      It doesn’t matter who or what ship but it might to the crews and wings who served there.

  4. So they were bombing a bridge in that footage? Pretty cool. The plane really jerks after they release the bomb.

    Brave men.

  5. Yeah, you ought to see how a P-3 pulls up after releasing a MK-46 torpedo, or any of the mines we carried.

    You betcha by golly!

  6. Also… loved the shots of the Scooters. That was an amazing aircraft. We could use more like that today.

    And I agree that those are WWII box-fin bombs, not mines.

  7. You’re correct- HEP-T, it was the Connie. I could have sworn I saw “62” in there somewhere. Must have been another clip I was looking at around the same time. Plus, right at the end of the clip, they show “64” on the island pretty clearly.

    That’s what I get for posting with no coffee.

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