12 thoughts on “Your homework…”

  1. i got about halfway through it all and stopped…

    oh wait, no, that’s why i retired at O-4…

  2. All good stuff. I’ve used the staff ride guides often on the battlefields (as you know I’m somewhat focused on the CW stuff).

    What I don’t like is re-branding of GWOT. Granted “Long War” was a term used by the Bush administration, but I didn’t like it then and certainly find it superficial now.

  3. Craig, you know, and I know, some Major or LTC got a bullet point on his OER for staffing the decision to switch from GWOT to Long War.

    Look, it doesn’t matter if we call it the war to make Fluffy Puppies safe, it matters that we are at war. But you’ll never get a bureaucracy to act as if that were true.

  4. You are a cruel man Brad. My list of unread stuff has just increased by an order of magnitude.

    I was disappointed to find that Army Aviation magazine has been taken over by a private association.

    Fluffy Puppies are supposed to be safe.

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