I wanna blog, about the Falklands, about the elections in Iraq, about stuff like that, but I’m suffering from an infection, and its primary symptom is extreme laziness.

10 thoughts on “Ugh.”

  1. Stay in bed, with Sox curled up next to you, radiating heat, and sleep until you feel better. I know not where you live, but up here in WI, were it still gets down into the mid teens at night, Land O’Lakes Raspberry Cocoa would also be administered. Preferably by one of the lassies from Theo’s place.

  2. The you, Sox, and the cocoa server can all watch some of the movies on your war movie list.

  3. Sadly, Sox and I are geographically separated right now.

    Plus, as much as he loves me, Sox really hates to snuggle. He rarely sits with me more than a minute or two, then it is back to staring out the window at birds or other critters.

  4. Damn, Brad.

    I think I caught your disease. Though it is 45 and sunny in Vermont (is it June?) and it may just be Spring fever.

    Get thee well, for the weather is approaching where it will be extremely pleasant to wield firearms to shoot things at ye olde musket range.

  5. It’s funny, I’ve had broken bones, burns, fairly major cuts, been blow up by arty simulators, torn ligaments, and such.

    But nothing makes me whine like a little Upper Respiratory Infection.

  6. I know what you mean, Brad. A cold, or something similar will make one utterly miserable. There are few things that are mo demotivational.

  7. Well, most of the sinus problem is gone, but now I’ve got an upset tummy.

    It’s amazing how low my tolerance for misery is these days.

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