Andy McCarthy in the NYT

In June 1998, the office secretly indicted Osama bin Laden. Three months later, Al Qaeda blew up the two embassies.

“I mean, we could go into the grand jury and indict him three times a week,” Mr. McCarthy said. “But to do anything about it, you needed the Marines. You didn’t need us.”

re: McCarthy in the Morning.

Of course, I might quibble about the Marines vs. the Army, but you get the point.

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  1. I’ve often asked what purpose the Department of Homeland Security fills. Bottom line is before September 11, 2001 we already had a cabinet position providing homeland security. It was called the “Department of Defense.”

  2. I thought the point of the Department of Homeland Security was to: 1) look like we had actually addressed the problem without actually addressing ; and 2)at the same time creating another slew of sinecure positions that do not actively improve finding solutions to the problems we actually face.

  3. If I recall, Bush was against a Department level entity at first, but the Dems made it clear they’d demand it in return for compliance on things like the PATRIOT Act.

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