Bringin’ the Pain…

Well, it’s started. The Battle of Marjah has kicked off.

British, Afghan and U.S. troops were poised to begin an even larger thrust to take over one of the last Taliban-controlled bastions in the volatile Helmand River Valley. The offensive in Marjah began with small teams dropping into the town around midnight to kill or capture insurgent leaders. More infantrymen began landing in waves around 2 a.m. and consolidated positions close to the center of the town. The immediate resistance to the landings was very light, although helicopter pilots reported gunfire from the ground.

US Marines in Marjah, Afghanistan
Marines in Marjah, Afghanistan

Kick ass, take names.

6 thoughts on “Bringin’ the Pain…”

  1. I’m wondering why the one marine is getting ready to shoot the other Marine.

    dick, this is counterinsurgency, they aren’t trying to kill the taliban right now. they are trying to establish a presence and secure the locals cooperation so they will point the Taliban out so we can do a more thorough job later. It’s the same approach the used in the Sunni triangle with the Anbar Awakening.

  2. Jenn, I’m pretty sure you realize he’s not about to zap his own guy, but is pulling security to the rear of the position. It’s an optical illusion.

  3. I know it just looks funny in the picture. It would be perfect for a captioning contest – “Sergeant, would now be a good time to talk about my special liberty chit?”

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