An Update on Pelosi Airlines

Via Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette:

While accepting their newly-acquired role as “shuttle service” for the Speaker of the House, the Department of Defense is attempting to draw a line in the sand regarding congressional transportation with an updated directive on DoD Support for Travel of Members and Employees of Congress. Some of the language in the newly-released regulation (dated 15 January, 2010 – the first update since 1964) appears to be the direct result of lessons learned in dealing with Nancy Pelosi.

For the record, I don’t have a huge issue with DoD and the 89th Airlift Wing setting aside a Gulfstream for the Speaker of the House.  After all, the Speaker is third in line of succession. The problem is, that’s not what the rules state right now. It looks like the DoD is finally getting around to updating the rules to more clearly specify under what circumstances family members or employees of Congress may fly on DoD flight.

5 thoughts on “An Update on Pelosi Airlines”

  1. I wish that she did not concider herself to be American Royalty. Chris Muir in hus Day By Day strip has the Obama admin. dead to rights, portraying them as French Aristocrats, Nancy being the Countess Pelosi

  2. I always thought the entitlement (there is that word) to SAM transports was based on the role of military commander or continuity of government. I cannot believe, that the even though the Speaker is number three on paper, that crisis management planning envisions her chairing the principals meetings during a time when the top two are out of contact but still alive.
    If the Speaker thinks the TSA is doing well, let her stand in their lines.
    I hate Congress.

  3. I agree. Except for the President and VP, I see no valid reason for Government employees or elected officials using DoD transport when commercial resources are available. Potus & VP are security issues. That’s fine. But Pelosi, Ried and all the others ought to be flying commercial, mingling with the hoi paloi and, hopefully, getting an earful as well.

    I would feel the same regardless of which party is in charge.

  4. Tim, I’m actually OK with the Speaker (whichever party is in power) getting a C-37. But having family fly hither and yon with her at coach fares is a bit much.

    As for the flights of CODELS all over the world, I’m actually not too opposed to that either, within reason.

    The problem is, they left “reasonable” behind a long time ago.

  5. That’s my point as well. My Congress Critters all fly home commercially to Maine. I’ve sat across the aisle from Olympia Snowe in the past. She stood in line like everyone else.

    There are times when using DoD aircraft is appropriate. However, like I said, when commercial transport is available for the same or lesser rates, I feel it ought to be used.

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