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All of you guys hitting the front page? I’m grateful for the traffic, but could someone tell me how you found the place? If I’m doing something right, I’ll keep doing it. If I’m doing something wrong, I’ll keep doing it.

UPDATE: WordPress changed the way stats count. It just happened to coincide with a big bump in my traffic. Thanks to you folks who clued me in.

Gun. Camera. Film.

No, not gun camera film from Predators or Apaches.

Kevin over at ExUrbanLeague had a post last week about what were the best gunfights in cinema. I might quibble with the list a bit. I’m not gonna show you his whole list. You gotta go there to see it. But here’s the second half

6.The end of “Tears of the Sun”
7.The Brécort Manor assault scene from “Band Of Brothers”
8.The final shootout from “Quigley Down Under”
9.The final shootout in “Léon” (The Professional)
10.The three-way gun fight from “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”

I probably would have replaced number 8 with something by Steven Segal (sure, his movies were pure cornball, but he was one of the first guys in cinema to handle a pistol in a realistic manner).

And I’m a little surprised that there wasn’t anything from Saving Private Ryan on the list. But the real problem with this list was that it was missing the most controversial gunfight of all time:

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We aren’t a huge sci-fi fan, but there’s one constant to successful sci-fi series.

Hot wimmens.

This week we have a lady from the other down under, New Zealand, who’s made quite the successful career in the fantasy/sci-fi genre. And she’s got a kick ass name: Lucy Lawless.