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  1. Cute cat.

    Totally unrelated to just about everything you post here, but remember Amy Lee? She’s just released a previously unreleased track, and is offering it up for free download, if you donate to the UN Foundation’s Help for Haiti Fund.

    I kinda laughed at her charity of choice being the hopelessly corrupt United Nations, but her heart is in the right place. I sincerely doubt she knows how scummy the UN is. She’s a trusting soul. Link below.


  2. Sox is a very good kitty. But he’s not supposed to be on that chair.

    Amy Lee is no stranger to us having made an appearance on Load HEAT but I’ll be damned if I’m going to donate through the UN.

  3. Yeah, that was my sentiments exactly. I found the song elsewhere and I’m gonna cut a check to a local ministry that works in Haiti.

  4. I likes cats, I had a Norwegian Forest Cat for almost 20 years, and a 27 pound Siamese tom that I was quite fond of. Is Sox a Forest Cat? He has the furryness of the breed

  5. ScottTB, to be honest, I have absolutely no idea what breed he is. He was abandoned as a kitteh, and raised by a friend of mine for the first couple years. When he had to give him up, I just happened to need a cat.

    I’ll tell you this, tho, Sox can shed more fur than any other cat I’ve ever seen.

    A friend of mine theorized that her vacuum cleaner manufactures cat hair, because if all the cat hair in it came from her cat, it would surely be bald.

  6. While Norwegian Forest Cat is a recognised breed, and they cost an arm and a leg, ( fortunately, Lazarus, my cat, was a rescue cat, too ), I was talking to a Norwegian woman, who said that they are called Norwegian Forest Cats, because you can’t charge $400.00 for a Norwegian Barn Cat.

  7. I’m pretty sure if Sox’s previous staff had offered him to me at the low, low price of $400, the poor guy would be out in the cold dodging coyotes.

  8. Is Sox a tomcat, or a retired tom? All mine were sent out for alterations, and there really isn’t any better pet than a nutered tom, very friendly beasts.

  9. We’re pretty sure he was part of an abandoned litter of a housecat. And he has been fixed. But he’s somewhat shy. He scares easily, and takes a while to warm up to people. But once he likes you, up on the lap he hops.

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