It’s rainy and wet today in the desert. Whenever it rains in SoCal, the state pretty much shuts down.  As a former grunt, I can’t tell you how much I hate rain.

11 thoughts on “STORM WATCH 2010!!”

  1. Say’s the girl in a nice dry desert!

    Look, I remember the bad old days of spending two weeks in the field, having it rain every day, and being cold and wet the entire time. Generally, I enjoyed being in the field, but not those times. Two weeks without a chance to get warm and dry is just frakkin’ miserable.

  2. I’m bustin your chops. I know that whatever weather you get is coming my way. Thanks for suffering thru the bad old days.

  3. Seriously, when I was growing up in Washington, we’d call days like this “nice, little wet.”

    Down here, everyone flips right out.

  4. To be fair, in my part of the state, the rain this morning was, as was said in Braveheart, “falling straight down. Well, slightly to the side like.”

  5. Up here in Maine, they refer to it as “raining, like a cow pissing on a flat rock”.

    And I remember those days in the field too…. the only comfort I could ever take was that you could only get so wet, and that everyone else there was as miserable as me. After awhile, exhaustion euphoria would set in, and then everything was funny. Funny in a sick, black, twisted sort of way. Military comedy noir, as it were.

  6. To be fair, some of the folks on the coast are facing mudslides and localized flooding and high winds. There is some damage. It’s just that the weather is fairly mild compared to so many other places.

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