What the heck?

All of you guys hitting the front page? I’m grateful for the traffic, but could someone tell me how you found the place? If I’m doing something right, I’ll keep doing it. If I’m doing something wrong, I’ll keep doing it.

UPDATE: WordPress changed the way stats count. It just happened to coincide with a big bump in my traffic. Thanks to you folks who clued me in.

20 thoughts on “What the heck?”

  1. Thanks, Dave. Usually I see an incoming link, but I’m getting like 1500 hits to the frontpage in the last day or so, and not seeing where they are coming from.

  2. Great. I hope you like it. I know I’ve been a little thin on the posting.

    It’s just that all of a sudden I’m getting a huge spike in traffic. I’m cool with that. Just curious.

  3. I think WordPress changed something. I’m suddenly getting a ton of “Home Page” hits on the stat page also, rather than hits on specific posts, which has never happened before. In the “Top Posts” sidebar, it shows up as hits to random posts over the last four years. Go figure. There is probably a WP forum on this right now, but I’ve been too lazy to look it up.

  4. Yup, there is a forum on this new feature of the stats page here, and WP is definitely having problem making it work with the Top Posts widget.

  5. I found it reading either H2 or A of S. I liked what I saw and bookmarked it.
    I enjoy stopping by. Thanks.

  6. I found this site awhile back while looking for info on the ACR after playing Modern Warfare 2.

  7. Can’t remember what website, probably Lex, but it was the recent artical on Marine Corp. aviation that brought me in and hooked me. Been working back now heh.

  8. Hey T.C.
    I found your site from a milblog that said you had a better picture of the “stolen valor” assmaggot in Texas. Anywho I’m glad your having a bump in hits, I’ll keep checking in.

    Check you later,


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