Crap! It’s Tuesday again already? I almost forgot this week.

Who’s up for some pop music? Back about the time that Britney and Jessica and the rest of the teen pop stars got started at the turn of the century, one singer stood out for her singing just as much for her good looks. Christina Aguilera has a serious set of pipes. And the diminutive little thing is also cute as a button.

Now, for me, I love that she gets the whole “retro-glam” thing.  And nothing exemplifies that as well as her single “Candyman.”


10 thoughts on “Load HEAT”

  1. I love stuff like that.

    Why wasn’t there a flood of movies, music, TV like that after 9/11? It’d been great for morale.

    Oh yeah, I remember. We didn’t go to war. The military went to war. We sat on our asses.

  2. My first deployment they would play a series of music videos over the ship’s TV network during cleaning stations. Needless to say not much cleaning got done while this was playing. Fortunately for the XO the next video in the loop was a rap song about lip gloss.

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