Happy Thanksgiving

I hope and pray that you have the opportunity to spend time with loved ones and friends, and reflect upon all the good things our Lord has bestowed upon you this year.


And eat a lot. Way too much in fact. As for me, I’m in charge of the gravy this year:

9 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. You know, its funny that you would post a pic of heating up gravy in a pot like that.

    I just happen to do the same thing with frozen beers.

  2. @Blazer

    You sir, should be shot for letting your beers become frozen in the first place…. just sayin’.

    Gravy free for the last 15 minutes.

  3. **waves from turkey induced coma**

    Play nice, Buffoon. It’s hardly fair to engage in a battle of wits when Blazer is unarmed.

    **curls up with a nice can of cranberry sauce**

  4. I learned this from watching a cooking show:

    pour the gravy out of the jar before heating it in the pan… or wash the label off with hot water before heating the jar. Either way is a step toward domestic tranquility.

  5. We warmed it in the pan. For the record, I didn’t “make” the gravy. My mom did. I was a bit shocked. She usually starts with pan drippings and flour and cornstarch, but this year she just said fuckit.

  6. Really? Gravy’s got to be the easiest damn thing to make out of the whole meal. As an alternative to the standard roux-based put chopped mirepoix in the bottom of the pan instead of a rack, then when the bird’s out use a stick blender to turn everything into deliciousness. I haven’t used this for turkey but I’ve done it with pot roast and just ignored the meat to dip bread in the gravy.

    When I take over the world canned gravy will be required to contain 5x the toxic level of dioxins.

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