I’m not much of a car guy. I have about the minimum required inclination towards automobiles that a guy can have and still hold onto his guy-card. But I’ll tell you what I do like.


Not the cars. I’m fairly convinced they’re crap. But Mercury has one of the greatest campaigns ever, because they hired Jill Wagner, who quickly became known as “The Mercury Girl”.  Jill’s done some other stuff, movies and what not, but you don’t really care about that do you? I may not put Mercury on my list, but Jill gets the top spot this week.

6 thoughts on “Load HEAT”

  1. Jill was the one and only reason to watch “Blade: The Series”, which really should have been “Krista the Vampire (Hottie)” so we could skip all those scenes without her in them.

  2. She is a native of Winston-Salem North Carolina. Sort of the “Local Gal makes it Big” type thing.

  3. I remember that girl! Man, she really stole my heart, then disappeared…

    Hey Brad, have you considered the beautiful Leah Cairns for the Load HEAT feature?

  4. Never thought about Leah, but I’m still looking for good pics of Michelle Forbes, whom I’d never given much thought, but am coming to like.

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