Hot, hot, hot!

Yesterday’s high was 115. Today may hit 120.

Dude. I grew up in Washington State. I don’t do 115, much less 120. I’m hot, sweaty, cranky and starting to chafe a little. Between that and limited internet access, I’m not a happy camper.  I’m not sure how much longer I’ll have to stay here in the desert but it’ll be at least a few more days.

I appreciate your patience..

4 thoughts on “Hot, hot, hot!”

  1. It isn’t much cooler in South Central Kansas. We hare running at around 100 with heat indexes in the vicinity of 106-110. Kind of humid along the Arkansas River.

  2. Amost forgot, we are in an excessive heat warning until 2100 hours on Tuesday the 14th.

  3. Got a tentative job offer from the Air Force Civilian Personnel office in Ogden Utah on Thursday. It is an Aircraft Pnuedralic System Mechanic at…….Edwards AFB. Yep, right there in the Mojave Desert. I started the virtual inprocessing yesterday. It still has some more stuff to complete, yet, so it is still in the tentative mode.

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