Desert Blues

We’re going to be in the desert for probably another two weeks. That means very limited access to the internet, which of course means limited posting.

US forces have completed their withdrawal from the cities of Iraq. In an attempt to sow instability, terrorists are trying to ramp up a bombing campaign in the cities to undermine faith in the Iraqi government and its forces. So far, while they are succeeding in producing some spectacular bombings, they aren’t having too much success destabalizing the government. We’ll have to wait to see how the campaign plays out.
An American soldier has been captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan. He apparently went outside the secured area of his post without taking along a buddy. He may well pay for a moments folly with his life. Pray for him.

We’ll try to pop in every couple days or so, but no promises.

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  1. I miss ya and your ‘splodey videos. Good luck with everything.

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