Stolen Valor, Escaped Mental Patient Edition

I’m not a Ranger, but Roger’s Rangers Standing Orders have been around the infantry for a long, long time. Here’s number Four:

4.  Tell the truth about what you see and what you do.  There is an army depending on us for correct information.  You can lie all you please when you tell other folks about the Rangers, but don’t never lie to a Ranger or officer.

And why is it you shouldn’t lie to a Ranger or an officer? Well, in this case, it is because there will almost certainly be someone to catch on  to the fact that you are not only a liar, but a criminal and a nutjob.  In this case it was phony vet “Rick Duncan” who wasn’t even a vet. And the guy calling him out is the outstanding TSO over at This Ain’t Hell.

…“Rick Duncan has been active in Colorado Veterans issues and politics forabout two years, thru an organization called Colorado Veterans Alliance (CVA). He introduces himself as a former Marine CPT, a Naval Academy Graduate and wounded & disabled veteran from an IED in Fallujah, Iraq….

Uh, no. Turns out he wasn’t any of those things.

…Yesterday, the FBI requested that we arrange a meeting with Mr. Duncan/Strandlof, and not alert him to the fact that the FBI wanted to question him. At the meeting, an FBI Special Agent identified himself, asked him if his name was Duncan or Strandlof, in which he answered “Both.” The FBI escorted him away for questioning, and later arrested him on an outstanding warrant in El Paso County…

Those two quotes are from the Colorado Veterans Alliance, an organization founded by “Rick Duncan”. Duncan was also closely aligned with the IVAW, or Iraq Veterans Against War. The IVAW seems to have had a couple problems vetting the veracity of its members and associates claims to service. Why am I not surprised.

I understand that there are veterans of Iraq (and Afghanistan) that served honorably and genuinely oppose the war. I’m OK with that. This is America, and we all are allowed to have our own stance on the issues of the day. But sometimes, organizations become so convinced of the righteousness of their cause that they ignore very clear warning signs emenating from obvious frauds becasue the words from those liars fits “the narrative” that they have a vested interest in promoting.

4 thoughts on “Stolen Valor, Escaped Mental Patient Edition”

  1. Of course they don’t vet their people, it detracts from the “absolute moral authority” and the shock value of their “war stories”.

    It’s only when people dig that the lies are exposed and their house of cards falls.

    Sadly these fakes and nutjobs get too much attention from the general public. Many simply assume that’s how a “veteran” behaves until they meet one.

  2. Yep as you said in the last part, it’s all about hearing what you want to hear. The organisation doesn’t have the self respect to check out it’s members properly.

  3. I have a dumb question. What do you do about a guy who wears a black beret and implies (if not actually says) he was an Army Ranger — but was never even in the military at all? He is a corrupt and horrible guy in general, a baldface lifelong liar and suspected of even worse than he’s been caught doing. I’m not a military vet but as a patriotic American, it really steams me that he’s claiming to be a former military elite. Is there anybody I can report him to? I’d LOVE to see him taken down for this…

    Purrrrrs… wac

  4. Wac, here’s the thing, lying about military service in and of itself is not illegal. Lying for any gain is. One, there’s the “Stolen Valor” law, which makes it a crime to wear a decoration for which you are not entitled. Two, any false claim of military service that is used for gain (something as simple as using it to gain a discount for a meal, or to try to get a job) is fraud.

    Ask around your friends. One or more of them were almost certainly in the Army at one time or another. They can give you good questions to probe with. Sooner or later, the guy will give a patently false answer. Or you could just tell the guy that you want to see his DD214.

    Or you could spend time at Jonn’s excellent site and print out copies of all HIS fraudulent vet stories and hand them to the guy.

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