We don’t spend a lot of time here talking about the Marines. God knows they do enough of that…

Anyway, there are a couple weapons in the inventory that only the Marines use. One of them is the SRAW, or Short Range Assault Weapon. Originally conceived as a bridge between the AT-4 rocket launcher and the Javelin/TOW anti-tank missile systems, the SRAW has now been modified as a bunker buster. It is relatively light, and yet has a significant warhead size. It also has the great advantage of being safe to fire from inside a builing. You may have noticed that our troops have been doing a lot of fighting in an urban environment lately. One othe advantage is that it has a very short minimum range. Firing from one building to the one across the street is by no means unheard of, so a short minimum range is important.


The video shows both the anti-armor version and the MPV. Because the Marines aren’t facing a lot of tanks these days, all the anti-armor versions have been converted to MPV and foreseeable future production will be the MPV.

4 thoughts on “SRAW”

  1. Not in full scale production yet? I would think they would be pumping these out in quantity.
    Impressive stuff.

  2. No, it’s in full production, just not a lot. The Marines are a very small outfit. They’re putting about 2-300 a year in production.

    They cost a good deal of money as well. Less than a Javelin, sure, but still not cheap. Even in combat, you’re on a budget.

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