Stolen Valor Revisited

There’s a lot of people that hate the Iranian regime because they’ve had people stoned to death. My problem with the whole issue isn’t the means of execution, but rather the subject of said stoning.

They pick the wrong people. Here’s one guy I wouldn’t cry too much about if he got beaned with a brick:


The odious Jesse MacBeth made a splash on the anti-war front when he claimed to be a former Army Ranger who personally had participated in war crimes.

It was all a lie, of course. MacBeth had enlisted in the Army, but was discharged before even completing basic training for “unsuitability.” Soon after, he hooked up with Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) and started his campaign of smears against the good names of oh-so-many fine American soldiers.  When he was quickly shown to be a fraud, he was subsequently prosecuted for receiving VA benefits to which he wasn’t entitled. Trust me, the punishment wasn’t severe enough.

MacBeth now claims he was a patsy of IVAW. If he wasn’t a lying liar, his story would have a good deal of credibility. John at This Ain’t Hell.. has been the go-to guy on this topic, literally for years. He’s made it his personal mission in life to hold these turds accountable. You do not want John to focus on you in that manner. Go visit John and give him some thanks for the great job he does following up on this loser and the horrible people at IVAW.

3 thoughts on “Stolen Valor Revisited”

  1. Egads, how I hate this fucker. I mean, look at that fucking pencil neck. I don’t have to listen to a single word he says to know he never passed a PT test, much less RIP.

    Plus, I wouldn’t lie about a fucking ARCOM, much less a Purple Heart and some made up atrocities with This Ain’t Hell on the job. They drove a Mack truck up this kid’s ass and executed a bootlegger’s turn. Good job on outing this piece of shit. Hope he trips and falls into a fucking woodchipper.

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