Angie Harmon is NOT a racist…

Angie has been in the news a bit lately because of this little statement.  We fully agree with her, and support her right to disagree politically with others without being mau-maued and tarred with the false charge of racism.

But, mostly, we just wanted to post some pics of her…

And of course, our all time favorite pic of the tall, tan Texan:

10 thoughts on “Angie Harmon is NOT a racist…”

  1. Gee, I just realized I can give the same response I gave above in the preceeding: I’m pumped! I’ll be 65 this May 6th, but suit me up coach!

  2. err, “below” in the proceeding. A little spatial disorientation there. I wonder why–must be all the blood leaving my brain traveling to certain other extremities.

  3. She ain’t too bright (not for her political beliefs though). She was pro Bush so you can’t ‘diss’ her for sticking to her principles. But I have never heard anyone accuse her publicly of being a racist because of it… me thinks she is overplaying herself.

  4. Wow, Karina, thanks for sharing your wonderful insight. I’m sure rocket surgeon like yourself would be delighted to show evidence to support your thesis…

  5. And I’m sure the use of the word “rocket surgeon” establishes your credentials xbradtc.

    If that was an attempt at comedy it failed. If it wasn’t, some of us on both sides of the aisle like to think before we speak… look into that.

  6. Oh, I don’t think ole Angie’s gonna start her own think-tank anytime soon. But it sure seemed like a lot of effort to come here and take the time to call her stupid.

    And as stupid is such a relative term, why not give a supporting argument? I haven’t seen anything that suggests Ms. Harmon has any particular handicap in the mental arena.

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