Lets Go To A-10 School!

We’ve talked about the A-10 and the GAU-8 30mm cannon before. And we’ll talk about it some more in the future. Pretty much every time we find a cool video, that’s what we’ll do.

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.2250115&w=425&h=350&fv=config%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.apacheclips.com%2Fflv_player%2Fdata%2FplayerConfigEmbed%2F4617.xml]

10 thoughts on “Lets Go To A-10 School!”

  1. Nice Video X,
    One of my Bud’s was a crew chief in a A-10 squadron. He said he would lock a Maverick on someone he did not like on the flight line. And the gun was fantastic.

  2. Never Flew the A-10, although one of my old Squadrons, the 78th TFS at RAF Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK, re-equipped from F-4Ds not long after I departed. The 78th (and the 81st TFW of which it was a part) was a Cold War Squadron that finally only saw combat with A-10s in the Gulf War. The end of the Cold War saw RAF
    Bentwaters-Woodbridge closed down, the Wing brought home, equipped briefly with F-16s at
    Myrtle Beach, then de-activated. The A-10 flies on, but not if the big kids in the AF have their way. Idiots.

  3. Almost forgot. The Maverick bit alluded to above reminds me of the perverse flexibility of the American fighting-mans mind. The A-1O did not have a FLIR capability, but it’s pilots quickly began to use the sensors of the Maverick which could be read in the cockpit as an in-the-cockpit readout equivalent of FLIR by turning them on while still attached to the pylons.

    Sneaky, Inventive Bastards, huh?

  4. Virgil I think that may have been where my buddy was stationed in the 80’s. All I know for sure is he was crew chief for the A-10 and was stationed in England.

  5. Would have had to have been at RAF Bentwaters-Woodbridge. Originally the 81st TFW was comprised of the 91st & 92nd at Bentwaters and the 78th TFS at Woody where we shared the rnwy first with the 20th TFS . an F-100D unit reflexed down from RAF Weatherfield, later with an Air Sea rescue Squadron of C-130 and Jollys and Super Jollys that rotated back and forth out of Keflevick
    Iceland. When the re-equipped with A-10s another wing’s worth of 3 additional squadrons were added to the twin-base complex, with part of them (usually a squadron) reflexing out of Schusterberg AB in Holland.

    So, yeah, it was almost certain he was at one of the two.

  6. Virg, one of my barracks roomies lived at, IIRC, Lakenheath back in the F-111 days. That was one big, fast airplane. My dad was an A-6 guy, so they did pretty much the same thing, just a lot slower and off the boat.

  7. PS: The CO of that Air-Sea rescue Squandon was the #2 Guy on the raid on Son Tay in N. Vietnam to rescue the POWs, LtCOl Herb Zender. Got the Air Force Cross for that little trip. Cool Dude, looked like Doc Severinsen on Johnny Carson, complete with hair-style and mustache. Wore a pair of black custom high- topped boots with flt suit and shades as well–the total pkg.LOL!

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