2 thoughts on “Your Friday Gun/Missle combo meal…”

  1. Every time I see one of those videos I think of how much guys like my Dad would have loved to have had such capabilities avail. in WWII over in France & Ger. I then also think that everyone who thinks the F-22 is too expensive should think what life would be like without the capabilities this video demonstrates because it would have all gone away with the loss of air superiority. US gnd troops really haven’t had to fight without air cover since the early days of WWII in N. Africa and at Guadacanal. People ought to think long and hard about that before moved to say that specialized air superiority aircraft are a needless and seldom used expense funds for which should be diverted to more “pressing”
    needs. Lose air superiority and all those other “pressing” needs become a whole lot less “pressing.”

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