Where’s Sox?

I got a little worried when I couldn’t find the furball this morning. Normally he’s perched on the seachest or by the patio door.  It took a little while to realize he was hiding right behind me.


Two hours later, he’s still there. And really, who can blame him for curling up in a nice warm, clean, fresh from the dryer, custom kitteh bed?

7 thoughts on “Where’s Sox?”

  1. Hey and thank you…My soldier is great, he’s home now, just graduated from his AIT Training. He has been promoted twice already, he’s now an E-3. I am very proud. He’s getting ready for college now. What a changed young man. We are so proud.

  2. Mare, since I don’t let him run around outside, he shoots laserbeams at the finches outside. I’d tell you where to get them installed, but then I’d have to kill Puka.

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