Good News from Iraq

Superbowl parties are an American tradition. And thankfully, this year, the tradition will be extended to our troops in Iraq.

US forces serving in Iraq fall under General Order Number One, which prohibits the possession, purchase, transfer or consumption of alchohol. It also prohibits possession of pornography, sex with the local population (or with other service members, for that matter), possession of private firearms, and any number of other activities that would normally fall under the rubric of “good times.”

In the interest of morale, GEN Odierno has issued a waiver allowing troops to have up to two 12oz beers during the game. It will be subject to all kinds of PITA restrictions, but still, two beers are better than no beers.


Sadly, serving wenches aren’t included.

3 thoughts on “Good News from Iraq”

  1. ‘Tis but another noble sacrifice you’ve made in the service of your nation, Cas. Rest assured, tho, I drank plenty for both of us while you were there.

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