Stolen Valor- Can’t we just beat these people edition

Via Doubleplusundead, another asshat stealing from charitable donations intended to help veterans.

Paul K. Guilmain Jr. told shoppers that he was an Iraq veteran and National Guard member, but to Ford he didn’t look like anyone who’d seen duty in years. The paunchy 44-year-old slouched, went hatless, and wore outdated woodland camouflage fatigues – the kind with the green, black, brown, and beige pattern, not the more modern design. The rank on his sleeve, corporal, didn’t fit with his age.

Dude, you’re lucky they just had you arrested…

3 thoughts on “Stolen Valor- Can’t we just beat these people edition”

  1. It’s pathological. Was a politician in Louisiana who went around claiming to have been awarded the purple heart in Vietnam. The fool went so far as to apply for the special purple-heart license plates the State issues–of course the State checks records and he was found out and disgraced. But what besides a pathological malady would drive someone to formally, officially, make a false application when he had to know his lie would be checked?

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