Afghanistan in Hi-Res

We, like much of the right leaning blogosphere, have been critical of the traditional media from time to time. It is incumbent upon us, then, to acknowledge when quality coverage of events is out there. with Getty Images has a fascinating look at one small slice of the war in Afghanistan. Wanna little taste? Click the pic to see the whole thing. It’s well worth your time.


H/T: Castle Argghhh!

4 thoughts on “Afghanistan in Hi-Res”

  1. Eddie, that’s a Russian SVD Dragunov. It fires the same 7.62mmx54R as your MN. Dunno where he picked it up from. The rifle has a nifty little 4x scope.

    Fun to shoot. Nominally capable of 1000m performance, but I don’t know that I’d try to shoot that far. I fired on in Hawaii back in 86-87. We fired at about 500 yards. That’s about as far as I’d care to try.

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