Load HEAT!

Iran may have one of the more odious governments around, and act as a perpetual thorn in the side of America, but one of the benefits of the revolution in 1979 was large numbers of Persians coming to our shores. How does that benefit us, you ask? Well, take a good look at today’s hottie, Sarah Shahi.

Sarah is currently starring in “Life” on NBC, and the show is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

And why is there a picture of a guy? Well, one for the ladies isn’t going to kill us, and Damien Lewis did such a great job portraying Major Dick Winters in “Band of Brothers” that he deserves a little recognition here.

5 thoughts on “Load HEAT!”

  1. The true shame is, had she never left Persia… uh… I mean, Iran… she’d never be allowed to show that body in public. Think of what else we’re missing because of the theocratic rules across the Middle East.

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