Acorn and Obama


Update: The original video has been pulled for copyright. Enjoy this one instead.

I don’t want to make this a political blog. No matter where on the political spectrum you lie, you are welcome here and I am eager to engage you in a discussion about what the Army is and why you should care.

Having said that, I am a partisan. I do indeed feel that the media has failed to vet Sen. Obama, and is in the tank for him. I hope you will consider the information in this video, and pass it along to your friends.

4 thoughts on “Acorn and Obama”

  1. Remember to tell your Democrat friends that November 11 (sic) is their chance to make history!

  2. Why cant the left get over the 1960’s? It’s like two0face and the joker are running for president and batman is trying to be nice and not “stoop to negative attacks”

    p.s. brad, check my blog for a cool vid 🙂

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