The Great Blackout

For reasons unknown, we lost power yesterday. All day and most of the night. Now, I live in a heavily developed area, and our neighborhood was the only one without power, so it isn’t like being a hurricane victim. But I did notice that I am becoming entirely too attached to the luxuries of life. When I was a young soldier, spending days on end in the field, living out of a rucksack, with no computers or any electric devices at all was quite simple. Not an inconvienence at all.

I didn’t quite feel that way this time. While I felt some pangs of internet withdrawl, the worst was not having electric lights to read by.

But I did have a lifeboat as it were. I set up camp, in my garage.

That’s the kitchen of the camper. A nice little two burner stove, electric lights, some maple & brown sugar oatmeal (my favorite comfort food) and Michael Yon’s The Moment of Truth in Iraq.

After enjoying a liesurely dinner, it was time to retire for the evenings entertainment.

That’s the opening sequence from “A Bridge Too Far“, which loyal readers of my scribblings may recall made The Top Ten List. And yes, that is my poncho liner. Never leave home without it.

Here’s a few more pics of my setup.

If you are interested, the camper is made by company called Camp-Inn.

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