5 thoughts on “Machine Guns”

  1. I LOVE me some machine gunnin’!

    I got to go through around 1500 rounds of .50 Cal 4:1 on a Ma Deuce at Hohenfels in SEP 1983.

    I know how this guy feels!!!

  2. I was looking in to buying a Barrett. I do not mind spending money on something will go up in value. I am fundamentally cheep. (I am 1/2 Scott, I come by it honestly)

    Do you know how much money it costs to buy ammunition for a 50?

    Holy Crap!

    Even reloading is $$$
    Did not buy, but i could have doubled my money if I had.

  3. V, I can’t buy .50 in the state of California, and to be honest, never really thought about it anywhere else. I generally like a smaller caliber.

    Having said that, I seem to recall that Uncle Sam pays about $0.25 per round for 5.56 so a buck or two for .50cal would seem to be about the right price for the government to be paying. And while I never shot of 1500 rounds of .50 at once, I’ve shot probably a couple thousand over the years. And I fired 17,000 rounds of 5.56 all by myself in one afternoon.

  4. Xbrad,
    The last time I checked (about 5 years ago) empty brass was running $1 each.
    I do not shoot like I used to but I have been going through about 1,000 rounds of 5.56 a year and maybe 2000 rounds of 45 acp.

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